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Broadband Innovation and Issues

Issues related to broadband and new innovations related to broadband technology.
  1. Big/Little Broadband (2)
  2. FCC (9)
  3. Internet of Everything (3)
  4. Net Neutrality (4)
  5. Pay TV (0)
  6. SmartGrid (3)
  7. T-Commerce (0)
  8. Telcos vs. Cable (0)

Broadband Issues
Issues related to broadband

Gigabit Squared and Gig U Offer $200 Million in Broadband Development Funding
Gigabit Squared and Gig U Offer $200 Million in Broadband Development Funding

US-Ignite Initiatives Announced at White House Broadband Event
US Ignite partnership will spur the development of 60 advanced broadband applications for si areas of national priority - education and workforce development, advanced manufacturing, health, transportation, public safety, and clean energy.

Google Expanding Gigabit Networks to Other American Cities
After reporting considerable progress in building a broadband network capable of reaching speeds of over 1 gigabit, the company announced plans to build additional networks in other cities.

Net Neutrality in 2014

Net Neutrality Continues to Dominate Internet Policy Debate
Net neutrality remains an important issue being debated by Congress and the judicial system.

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