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Cisco: Video to Consume 79% of all Internet Traffic by 2018

A report from Cisco emphasizes the prevalence of online video, with almost 80% of all Internet use coming from video streaming by 2018,

Cisco: The Internet of Everything Gaining Momentum

A recently published report from Cisco emphasizes the momentum of the Internet of Everything, and the prevalence of online video.

FCC: Broadband for Telemedicine has Tremendous Potential

The FCC emphasizes the benefits of broadband for telemedicine while promising new programs at a recent healthcare conference.

FCC Programs Advance Telemedicine Initiatives

The FCC outlines future plans to fund broadband for telemedicine initiatives around the country.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Warns States: Leave Municipal Broadband Alone

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has been expressing his support for municipal broadband networks in a number of forums.

AT&T ConnectEd Contributions will Connect Schools Across the Country

Connected Nation will be administering the program for AT&T's $100 million commitment to provide free mobile broadband.

FCC Chairman Wheeler's Support for Municipal Broadband

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler expresses support for municipal broadband networks.

FCC Considers Raising Broadband Speed Definition

The FCC is considering an increase in broadband speeds, as applications and devices continue to demand more bandwidth and higher speeds.

Pew Report: Future of Broadband Will be Bright

Broadband will continue to evolve rapidly according to a recently released report from the Pew Research Internet Project.

FCC: Google Fiber Playbook Could Serve as Broadband Deployment Model

FCC Chair Tom Wheeler pointed to Google's FTTH city checklist as a model the agency could adopt during Congressional testimony.

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