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Broadband: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Much Speed Do You Need? A Thorough...
Broadband Internet Speed Internet Speed Test broadband speed DSL Speed Speed of Broadband Connection Speed of Broadband Fiber Internet Speeds Internet download speeds How much broadband speed do I need broadband speed requirements how much internet speed do i need broadband speed requirements
8 Tips to Keeping Your Broadband Company Honest
Broadband Speed Test Measuring Broadband Speeds
Is Your Broadband Speed Fast Enough?
Broadband Internet Speed Internet Speed Test broadband speed DSL Speed WiMax Speed how much internet speed do i need Speed of Broadband Connection internet speeds explained Speed of Broadband Fiber Internet Speeds Difference in Broadband Speeds
Broadband Technologies Overview
WiMax FTTH Fiber Wireless Broadband Satellite Broadband Connection
Net Neutrality Explained
Net Neutrality Pros and Cons. Broadband. Page 2.
Verizon Offers LTE for Home BroadbandLTE...
Verizon is promoting its 4G/LTE mobile broadband as a home broadband alternative by launching a new HomeFusion Broadband service
AT&T Publishes Map to Depict GigaPower Cities
With over 100 cities identified as GigaPower candidates, AT&T recently published on online map to inform consumers about deployment status.
Is Netflix Getting Greedy?
Netflix Controversy a Sign of the Future; Is Netflix Getting Too Greedy? Usage Limits and Data Caps: Is this a Sign of Things to Come for Broadband?
United Nations: Broadband Access is a Basic...
A report from the Human Rights Council of the United Nations General Assembly declares access to the Internet a basic human right .
Find Out If Your Broadband Provider Is Telling...
The FCC reports that 80 percent of consumers did not know what speed they purchased from their Internet Service Provider.
Why Did AT&T Rebrand as U-Verse?
AT&T reconsiders its rural broadband strategy while rebranding U-Verse with the introduction of Mobile TV.
Which Broadband Providers Do Customers Rate...
J.D. Power Ranks Broadband Service Providers - which broadband provider has the best customer experience?
Verizon Upgrades FiOS Service
Broadband providers are investing in R&D to stretch the limits of aging technology, as well as developing new ways to utilize existing networks.
Gigabit Cities Growing in Popularity
The notion of building networks capable of speeds faster than what many have any idea to do with became popular with Google's challenge to communities across the United States.
FCC: 70% of Fixed Broadband Connections Meet...
According the FCC's most recent Internet Access Services report, the number of broadband connections and overall subscribership are rising.
Verizon's Aggressive Home Broadband Strategy
Verizon's business strategy of investing heavily into FiOS and 4G/LTE wireless broadband has been evident over the past two years.
Definition of Broadband
Telemedicine Barriers Include State Policies...
According to a recent survey, physicians are ready to embrace telemedicine, but lack of consistent reimbursement schedules and state policies remain as significant barriers.
Benefits of Broadband Include Many National...
An article describing the benefits of broadband in all sectors of public and private industry.
Frontier Communications Banking on Broadband...
Frontier Communications ended the third-quarter 2013 with 1.84 million broadband customers - with almost 30,000 new customers added in this quarter.
U.S. Senators Take Issue with FCC Broadband...
Six U.S. Senators wrote a letter to the FCC objecting to the recent speed thresholds established by the agency last year.
Frontier Adding Pre-paid Broadband Service...
In addition to exploring markets to expand high-speed broadband service, Frontier is now offering prepaid broadband service without a contract.
The Importance of Broadband Speeds
Broadband speeds have become a critical factor when considering whether access is sufficient for accessing content on the Internet.
Broadband Experts Agree Broadband is a...
Broadband Experts Agree Broadband is a Significant Economic Accelerator: Do Increased Speeds Boost Benefits Further?
Is Copper DSL for Broadband Dead?
Broadband providers in the United States are reevaluating plans to utilize copper DSL networks for deployment of broadband infrastructure.
LRG: Cable and Telephone Companies Claim Large...
Leichtman Research Group, Inc. found that the largest U.S. cable and telephone providers acquired 1.1 million new broadband subscribers in the first quarter of 2013, accounting for 93% of the market.
Google Eyes New Markets for Broadband Expansion
Google is continuing to increase its presence in American communities who pledge to support gigabit fiber deployments by offering streamlined permitting and access to conduits and other rights-of-way.
FCC Delivers National Broadband Plan: All Eyes...
An article describing some of the major broadband initiatives contained in the National Broadband Plan, and an analysis of probably Congressional action on the plan.
UK Falling Behind in Broadand Deployment as...
As the United Kingdom continues to fall behind in global broadband rankings, government officials are promising universal access by 2020.
Google Pushes Public-Private Partnerships for...
Google is changing the way municipalities view broadband deployment in their communities - emphasizing partnerships over funding.
Net Neutrality - Year in Review
Net neutrality remains an important broadband policy issue in 2014 as the U.S. Court of Appeals delivers a setback to the FCC.
Broadband and Economic Impact
Numerous studies by economic and telecommunications analysts study the correlation between broadband access and the economic impact of broadband.
AT&T & GM Partner to Provide 4G/LTE in 2015...
AT&T and General Motors, are partnering to deliver wireless 4G/LTE service to cars and trucks. Beginning in late 2014, GM will embed 4G LTE mobile broadband in most Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac models in the U.S. and Canadian market.
ITIF Report Cites Global Broadband Metrics
A recently released report by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation points to several global metrics which put the United States ahead of many other nations.
Broadband Industry Takes Issue with FCC...
Some in the broadband industry take issue with the FCC's Broadband Progress Report, stating that broadband is not being deployed in a timely manner.
Who Could Oppose Increased Broadband Speeds?
Despite the compelling case for the FCC to increase broadband speed thresholds, many broadband providers are opposed to doing so.
UK Leader: Access to Broadband is a Right - not...
Prime Minister David Cameron stated that every citizen in the U.K. will have affordable high-speed broadband within five years.
Google Gigabit Community Debut in Kansas City
Google Gigabit Community Debut in Kansas City
Broadband Subsidies will Create Windfall for...
The FCC Connect America Fund (CAF) will add significant revenue to the major broadband carriers who have accepted funding.
2016 FCC Report: Broadband is not Being...
The FCC releases the 2016 Broadband Progress Report, stating that broadband is not being deployed in a timely manner.
Verizon: Copper to FiOS Migration Accelerated...
While Verizon continues to draw criticism for abandoning coppper network upgrades in rural areas, company execs pledged to replace infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Sandy with fiber.
Unique Ways of Delivering Broadband Being...
As broadband deployment continues to be a prominent policy goal for government, telecommunication providers will continue exploring innovative ways to provide service to remote areas.
FTTH Broadband Fiber fiber-optic Fiber-to-the-h...
A Report from Fiber-To-The-Home Council Americas Reports a 13% Increase in the Number of Fiber Connected Homes in the United States
Obama Executive Order Targets Broadband...
Obama Executive Order Targets Broadband Deployment and Spur High Speed Access
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Warns States: Leave...
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has been expressing his support for municipal broadband networks in a number of forums.
FCC Tackles Broadband Speeds
Once again the FCC is considering raising the minimum speed threshold for defining broadband access in America.
Cisco: Video to Consume 79% of all Internet...
A report from Cisco emphasizes the prevalence of online video, with almost 80% of all Internet use coming from video streaming by 2018,
2016 Broadband Progress Report Highlights...
The FCC's 2016 Broadband Progress Report reflects the impact of Chairman Tom Wheeler, and his focus on raising the bar on broadband access in the U.S.
What Does the Net Neutrality Mean for You?
FCC Passes net Neutrality Regulations Open Internet
Iowa Governor Seeks to Expand Broadband Access
Governor Terry Branstad directed a state task force to look at impediments and possible federal funding or public-private investments to significantly increase the access, adoption, and use of broadband technology for all Iowans.
FCC Chair: Streamlining Rules will Increase...
In order to allay telecommunication concerns about over-regulation of the industry, the FCC Chair announced a vote to reduce regulations.
AT&T Collaborating with Municipalities to...
AT&T announced plans to deploy new gigabit broadband networks by working with municipalities to reduce costs and facilitate construction,
Sandvine: Netflix Largest Source of Internet...
According to Sandvine's newest Global Internet Phenomena Report, more than 30% of all peak downstream content is generated by Netflix.
United Nations Report Delivers Key Infrastructu...
A UN Report Titled Broadband: A Platform for Progress Dedicates a Section on Infrastructure Strategies
Broadband Speeds Garner Headlines Once Again
The NYS Attorney General is investigating whether broadband providers are providing the speeds they advertise to NYS consumers.
Internet Enabled Television Viewing Continues...
A rising number of television viewers are turning to the Internet to watch favorite shows and movies.
Byte. Broadband.
New Mexico Governor Seeks Funding for...
New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is asking the State Legislature to approve $600,000 in grant funding to help healthcare facilities install and utilize telemedicine equipment.
Verizon to Only Offer Bundled DSL Service with...
Verizon Will Only Offer DSL Service When Bundled With Voice Service In May 2012
White Space for Broadband
White Space for Broadband
Verizon's Fiber Broadband Strategy
A series of moves by the second largest telecommunications provider in America emphasizes the company's commitment to deploying fiber, and moving further and further away from its copper based networks.
City Balks at Demands - Google Walks
Google Fiber pulls out of Leawood Kansas after city expresses concerns over agreement. Incumbent provider AT&T steps in to provide service.
Google Fiber Deployments Encourage Competition
In addition to improving economic prosperity for Google fiber communities, the company is also spurring competitors to accelerate deployment plans.
Colorado Telehealth Bill will Drive Demand for...
In Colorado, a telemedicine bill passed by both houses of the State Legislature is awaiting Governor John Hickenlooper's signature to become law
States Advancing Gigabit Broadband Deployments
As States work to expand access for homes and businesses, announcements regarding the deployment of gigabit networks are becoming more common
Measuring Economic Impact of Broadband: Does...
A new report published by The Economist Intelligence Unit in the UK challenges the popular assertion that ultrafast broadband speeds deliver increased economic benefits.
LRG: 645K Broadband Subscribers Added in 3Q 2015
According to a recent report from LRG seventeen of the largest cable and telephone providers in the US represent about 94% of the entire market.
Netlix Leads Internet Traffic Consumption
According to Sandvine's newest Global Internet Phenomena Report, more than 30% of all Internet traffic is generated by Netflix.
Google's Strategy for Broadband Deployment in...
Google's fiber to the home strategy is more than just broadband deployment. It is about demonstrating value and demand - and spurring competition.
Company highlighting symmetrical speeds
After casting doubts about consumer demand for gigabit broadband speeds, Frontier dramatically increases speeds and emphasizes symmetrical speeds.
Ethernet will Prevail in the Automotive...
Ethernet technology is fast becoming a standard accessory in the automobile industry. Broadcom has developed an automotive standard for ethernet.
Frontier Challlenging Cable With Higher Speeds
In a series of announcements in 2015, Frontier Communications is expanding broadband service areas and emphasizing high-speed symmetrical access.
Digital Learning Equity Act of 2015 to Improve...
Two U.S. Senators introduced the Digital Learning Equity Act of 2015 as a way to improve broadband access and close what they call an education gap for all students.
FCC Raises Broadband Speed Threshold to 25 Mbps
Read about broadband regulations by the FCC as the need for broadband speed increases. This includes information on the Dig Once Initiative and US-IGNITE.
FCC Connect America Fund to Boost Annual...
The FCC Connect America Fund (CAF) will add significant revenue to the major broadband carriers who have accepted funding.
Importance of Fiber Emphasized by Charlotte...
Municipalities cite the demand and necessity for high-speed broadband (not just access to the Internet) for economic survival and prosperity.
The Evolution of Net Neutrality
While net neutrality has emerged as one of the most important issues affecting broadband, the FCC has been dealing with the issue for almost a decade.
NTIA Reports Broadband Usage Up Slightly
NTIA Broadband Adoption Broadband Subscriptions US Broadband Adoption Obama Broadband
Google's Project Loon Nearly Ready to Launch
As universal broadband deployment remains an important policy goal providers continue exploring innovative ways to provide service to remote areas.
Missouri Electric Companies Expand Using...
Missouri Electric Companies Expand Using Broadband
Broadband is Transforming Our Way of Life
Broadband in the US Broadband Broadband Economy is broadband important how important is broadband broadband importance
Internet of Things Fallout - Privacy and...
As the Internet of Things continue to tout the benefits of a connected world, issues such as cybersecurity threats and privacy concerns are mounting.
FCC Chair proposes sweeping changes to USF...
In May 2015, Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed a series of actions to restructure the FCC's Lifeline Program to include broadband.
Cybersecurity and Privacy Emerge as Issues
As governments around the world continue to advocate for broadband access security experts are warning consumers about privacy and cybersecurity.
Broadband Promises to be Hot Topic for Congress...
As FCC Chair Tom Wheeler and newly elected representatives stake out net neutrality positions, 2015 might be the year an agreement is reached.
USTelecom Welcomes FCC Action to Reduce...
USTelecom welcomes a recent FCC announcement regarding a vote to reduce outdated industry regulations.
Economic Benefits of Broadband
Broadband experts from around the world speculate on the economic impact of broadband deployment.
Public Broadband Investment Drives Need to...
As public broadband investments continue to increase, there has been a corresponding rise is ways in methods and formulas to quantify impact.
FCC: Gigabit Communities in Every State by 2015
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced an initiative calling for at least one gigabit broadband network in each state by 2015.
FCC Connect America Fund and Smart Grid
While the FCC looks at new ideas to expand broadband availability in rural areas, electric coops are expressing interest in using existing Connect America Funding for both broadband and smart grid deployment.
Affordability as a Barrier to Broadband Adoption
broadband adoption rate affordability of broadband broadband and affordability broadband pricing how expensive is broadband fcc broadband adoption rate
ARRA Broadband Grant Programs
Article describing the Broadband grant programs contained in the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Status of Broadband Deployment in the U.S....
After reading the conclusions drawn by the broadband provider community and the FCC, one would think that the data sources were entirely different.
RNCOS Report: Telemedicine Market to Grow 18.5%...
In rural areas of the country, telemedicine is about a doctor providing remote health care, or a pharmacy electronically filling a prescription.
UN Publishes Comprehensive Assessment of Global...
UN Releases Comprehensive Assessment of Global Broadband Achievements
FCC Advances Use of White Space for Broadband
FCC White Space for Broadband FCC White Space White Space for Broadband White Space Database White Space
Google's Successful Broadband Deployment Strategy
Some broadband providers have been studying Google's playbook to duplicate their successful marketing and deployment strategy.
Google Expands Portfolio to Include Free...
Google wrote the playbook on the deployment of gigabit broadband networks. The company is now doing the same for municipal wifi networks.
Pew: Internet of Things will Thrive by 2025
According to a recently released report from the Pew Research Internet Project the Internet will continue to thrive, but negative implications exist.
FCC: Most Significant Policy Step Ever Taken to...
The FCC recently announced a major overhaul to the existing federal Universal Service Fund ( USF ), shifting funding from telephone subsidies to programs which support broadband services. The program, entitled the Connect America Fund, will focus on providing broadband to unserved Americans, primarily in rural areas.
NTIA Report: 1500 MHz of Spectrum Will Be...
NTIA Spectrum Broadband Spectrum Obama Broadband National Broadband Plan
Infonetics: 40% of Broadband Providers will...
According to Infonetics, nearly half of broadband providers plan on dramatically increasing available speeds to meet customer demand.
Ohio Claims to be First Gigabit State
Agile Network Builders completed a project to install network equipment on radio towers throughout the state of Ohio to deliver high-speed broadband.
FCC Advisory Group Makes Key Broadband...
FCC Advisory Group Makes Key Broadband Recommendations
Acting on the National Broadband Plan
An article describing some of the major broadband initiatives contained in the National Broadband Plan, and an analysis of probably Congressional action on the plan. Page 2.
Post-Assessment of the FCC Technology Advisory...
Since 2011 when the FCC Technology Advisory Council submitted eight recommendations, many have been incorporated into official initiatives.
Cable Industry Opposes Increasing Broadband...
Read about the FCC raising the minimum speed for defining broadband to 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up, and the effect of broadband has on cities and the economy.
Google May Explore Offering Video With High...
Google May Explore Offering Video With Broadband Service
FCC December Vote Raises Broadband Stakes
In December 2014 The FCC voted to raise the current broadband speed definition to 10Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.
Google Deploying Gigabit Broadband Networks in...
Google is deploying Gigabit broadband networks in three American cities, after more than 1100 municipalities applied for the distinction.
Verizon Increases Stakes in Broadband Speed Race
Verizon Increases the Stakes in Broadband Speed Race
IBM 5 in 5 Report: Digital Divide will not...
Digital Divide IBM 5 in 5. Broadband.
Providers Offering Gigabit Broadband Service...
Following Google's lead, other major broadband providers are introducing gigabit speeds in select cities. The latest entrant is CenturyLink.
FCC's Lifeline Program and Important Policy...
With millions of Americans unable to subscribe to broadband service, the need for the FCC's Lifeline program is greater than ever.
Will ConnectED will Solve Broadband Issues in...
The White House thinks that the state of broadband in America's schools is bad enough to warrant increased funding from the federal government.
Google Closer to Making Kansas City a High...
The Google Fiber to the Home Project Kansas City is Making Significant Progress
FCC Net Neutrality Rules - Consumers vs....
The FCC net neutrality regulations are rallying support in both corners - providers have filed suit against them, while consumers are embracing them.
Original Intent of the FCC Universal Service Fund
One of the major broadband policy goals of the Obama administration was a complete overhaul of the Universal Service Fund (USF). Why was USF reform necessary, and what was the primary purpose of the original Universal Service Fund?
Why is Increasing Broadband Adoption so...
Increasing Broadband Adoption: Why This is Important to Society
Bill Introduced in Georgia Limits Municipal...
Bill Introduced in Georgia Limits Municipal Broadband Networks
White Space for Broadband Being Explored by...
A number of major telecommunication companies, including Google, Microsoft and Facebook are exploring use of “Wi-FAR” for rural broadband.
U.S. Telecom Responds to New America Report
A recent New American report points to higher prices and less choices for broadband consumers living in the U.S.
Broadband Spotlight - Smart Grid Technology
Broadband Smart Grid Broadband Electric
FCC Lifeline Reforms Generating Controversy
The FCC now considers subsidies for broadband service as an eligible expense for Lifeline. State and local leaders are questioning the FCC's decision to force consumers to choose between phone or Internet service.
FCC Eases Restrictions on In-Flight Broadband...
Recognizing that universal access to broadband has become an expectation of every American, the FCC paved the way for airlines to provide in-flight broadband services on domestic flights.
IDC Health Insights: Top Ten Health IT...
IDC Health Insights published a list of Health IT predictions for 2015. The predictions point to substantially increased bandwidth requirements.
Pew Internet Study: 53% of American Adults 65...
Pew Internet & American Life Project Internet Survey: More Than Half of Seniors Use the Internet
Demand for Broadband for Telemedicine Continues...
With rising healthcare costs in-home monitoring systems enabled by a broadband connection are becoming increasingly utilized by seniors.
President Obama Honors Broadband Stimulus Grant...
ARRA Broadband Grant Recipients Honored at White House Broadband Stimulus Obama National Broadband Plan
Pres Obama: 45M Americans cannot purchase...
President Obama traveled to Cedar Falls, Iowa to talk about a broadband in a preview of his State of the Union Address in January 2015.
President Obama Previews Broadband Agenda for...
A series of actions by the White House in the weeks preceding President Obama's SOTU address signal the administration's broadband priorities in 2015.
Obama Administration Backs Away from UN...
As the United Nations continues to increase involvment in global broadband policy, the US breaks rank with the global body and refuses to sign a policy designed to restrict access to the Internet in certain circumstances.
Broadband in The United Kingdom: Falling Behind...
A new report published by The Economist Intelligence Unit in the UK challenges the popular assertion that ultrafast broadband speeds deliver increased economic benefits. The report measures impact only in the UK, which raises the question of where the country ranks in terms of broadband access and availability.
Government Reliance on Broadband Raises...
Governments must accept significant security risks when relying on broadband to manage critical infrastructure.
New Pew Internet Report: 66% of Americans Have...
New Pew Internet Report: 66% of Americans Have Broadband at Home
Broadband Adoption
Broadband adoption refers to the number of individuals who subscribe to broadband Internet service. In the broadband industry this is referred to as the “take rate,” or “subscription rate.” In the United States, the issue of Broadband Adoption has been studied and researched since broadband has been available.
FCC: Broadband not being deployed to Americans...
Read about the broadband regulations by the FCC, which includes why broadband speeds are important in rural areas, and why the cable industry opposes increasing speeds.
FCC Explains Rationale Behind Recent Broadband...
Issues such as increasing broadband speeds, muni broadband, net neutrality, and Title II regulation dominate the FCC's 2015 agenda.
GAO: Outcomes and Effectiveness of Broadband...
The GAO issued a report on the effectiveness of federal broadband adoption programs, and concluded that most program outcomes are unclear.
Measuring the Impact of Broadband on Economic...
Broadband investment spurs economic development, increases job opportunities and business opportunities. How much depends on which study you read.
United Nations Establishes Global Broadband...
The United Nations Broadband for Digital Development Establishes Global Broadband Targets
Gigabit Squared Chooses Seattle for its Gigabit...
Gigabit Squared announced its commitment to build an ultra-fast broadband network in Seattle Washington.
FCC: Increase Broadband Speeds to Stimulate...
FCC Chair Tom Wheeler has been signalling his intentions to spur broadband competition and raise the stakes in the broadband industry in 2014.
FCC: Increase Speed to 25 Mbps, Declare...
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More than 50% of Television Viewers Use...
A new Pew Internet study reports a growing trend among traditional television viewers - using a computer or mobile device while watching television.
Pew Home Broadband Adoption Report Emphasizes...
A new Pew Internet and American Life Project report entitled Home Broadband 2013 reports that 70% of Americans have broadband access at home. The results further emphasize the importance of broadband adoption to complement broadband infrastructure deployment.
Broadband Adoption Strategies
With broadband adoption rates slowly climbing, strategies to increase both access and subscription rates need to be developed in order to meet the goals states in the National Broadband Plan.
United Nations Assumes Major Role in Broadband...
United Nations Assumes Major Role in Broadband Deployment
Increasing Broadband Adoption
FCC Connect to Compete - Are Broadband Service Providers Doing Enough?
Broadband Providers to FCC: Help us Deploy...
After FCC broadband progress report is released, industry responds with its own assessment. US Telecom provides list of things the FCC could do.
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