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Broadband Basics


An introduction to broadband issues including a description of broadband technologies, broadband speed issues, and broadband adoption.
  1. Broadband Speeds
  2. Types of Broadband Technology
  3. Broadband Adoption

Broadband Speeds

Broadband Speeds

Issues related to the speeds of data transmission used by broadband technologies. This includes the minimum speeds required by specific applications, which broadband technologies are the fastest, and innovative applications utilizing very high speed broadband networks.

Types of Broadband Technology

Broadband Technologies

A description of the various types of broadband technologies including both wireline and wireless access. This includes fiber to the home, cable modem, DSL, fixed wireless, satellite, broadband over powerlines, and white space.

Broadband Adoption

Broadband Adoption

Broadband adoption issues including barriers to entry such as affordability, perception of need, and digital literacy.

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