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State and Local Government Broadband Issues

Broadband issues from a State and Local Government perspective.
  1. Broadband Availability (14)
  2. Legislation (6)
  3. State Broadband Websites (43)

Iowa Governor Seeks to Expand Broadband Access
Governor Terry Branstad said he has directed a state task force to look at impediments and possible federal funding or public-private investments to significantly increase the access, adoption, and use of broadband technology for all Iowans.

Bringing America Up to Speed - States' Role in Expanding Broadband - June, 2010

Government Policy
Government Policy

Obama Executive Order Targets Broadband Deployment and Spurs High Speed Access
Obama Executive Order Targets Broadband Deployment and Spur High Speed Access

Net Neutrality Continues to Dominate Internet Policy Debate
Net neutrality remains an important issue being debated by Congress and the judicial system.

As Google Fiber Networks Expand, Raleigh Plans Their Own Network
As the deployment of gigabit broadband networks with data transmission speeds 100 times the speed of the average network are becoming more and more common, cities like Raleigh, NC are deploying their own fiber networks.

AT&T Collaborating with Municipalities to Deploy Gigabit Broadband Networks
AT&T announced plans to deploy new gigabit broadband networks by working with municipalities to reduce costs and facilitate construction,

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Warns States: Leave Municipal Broadband Alone
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has been expressing his support for municipal broadband networks in a number of forums.

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