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Broadband Applications

The use of broadband in national initiatives such as medical and healthcare, public safety, consumer protection, government, education, energy and environment, civic engagement, and economic development.
  1. Broadband Entertainment (2)
  2. Broadband for medical and healthcare applications (7)
  3. Civic Engagement (1)
  4. Consumer (3)
  5. Economic Development (8)
  6. Education (12)
  7. Energy and Environment (6)
  8. Government (3)
  9. Public Safety (8)
  10. Telemedicine (11)

Benefits of Broadband
An article describing the benefits of broadband in all sectors of public and private industry.

The National Importance of Broadband
broadband is important to all national initiatives

US-Ignite Initiatives Announced at White House Broadband Event
US Ignite partnership will spur the development of 60 advanced broadband applications for si areas of national priority - education and workforce development, advanced manufacturing, health, transportation, public safety, and clean energy.

Unique Ways of Delivering Broadband Being Explored
As broadband deployment continues to be a prominent policy goal for government, telecommunication providers will continue exploring innovative ways to provide service to remote areas.

RNCOS Report: Telemedicine Market to Grow 18.5% Annually
In rural areas of the country, telemedicine is about a doctor providing remote health care, or a pharmacy electronically filling a prescription.

AT&T Expands Broadband Market Demand

The Internet of Everything is Transformational
Cisco continues to emphasize issues surrounding the Internet of Everything culture, including the transformational power of an interconnected world.

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