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Broadband October 2010 Archive


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Netflix Video Streaming Accounts for 20% of Prime Time Broadband Usage

Saturday October 23, 2010
In a recent study by Sandvine, entitled Fall 2010 Global Internet Phenomena, it was reported that more than 20% of downstream traffic in the US is from consumers downloading movies ... Read More

Cable Companies May Hike Broadband Fees

Thursday October 21, 2010
Morgan Stanley media analyst Benjamin Swinburne speculates that cable companies are ready to hike Internet access fees in an effort to stem losses incurred through cancelled cable TV subscriptions. Swinburne said ... Read More

1 Gigabit Broadband Speeds in Chattanooga

Tuesday October 19, 2010
Chattanooga made national news recently by claiming to have the fastest Internet service in the country. The southern Tennessee city beat out many other cities that would seem to ... Read More

IRS to Stop Mailing Paper Returns

Thursday October 7, 2010
As another sign of movement toward a paperless society, the IRS recently announced that it will not mail tax forms to citizens any longer. More than 96 million people ... Read More

Study: FCC Reclassification of Internet will Cost $36B and 300,000 Jobs

Thursday October 7, 2010
A research study conducted by the Phoenix Center, a Washington DC think tank ,found that if the FCC succeeds in reclassifying Internet services, investment in Broadband will drop by 10 ... Read More

Consumers Interested in Online Video Content

Tuesday October 5, 2010
Not Ready to Cancel Pay-TV Service Yet A consumer survey conducted by ABI Research reveals that a significant number of consumers are interested in online media content.  Approximately 32% of consumers ... Read More

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